Dr. Steve Maniscalcos treatment is a culmination of years of studying, training, and experience.
Out of the patients considering surgical options, 96% of cases no longer needed surgery.
Dr. Steves technique utilizes a group of procedures which addresses all areas of restructuring and healing.  Look under Services to see more..
Quality You Can Expect
- Knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you.
- Adjustments are smooth, precise, and painless.
- Correcting joint and musculoskeletal aches.
- State of the Art Treatment with full service
     therapy for every patient.
- On-site X-Ray evaluation.
- On-site massage therapy to help ease your
     stress, pain, and help you fully recover.
- Thorough care, treating only what is needed.
- Hands-on manual therapy techniques to
     address the entire spectrum of body function.
- Flexion/Distraction for the cervical and lumbar spine.
- Proven results!
Conditions We Treat:
- Arthritus / Osteoartritis
- Degenerated Disc / Joint
- Herniated Discs
- Headaches
- Spinal Stenosis
- Sciatica (Hip pain)
- Numbness / Weakness in the Arms or Legs
- Pinched Nerves
- Back Pain
- Shoulder Trouble
- Knee Pain
- Difficulty Walking
- Facet Syndrome
- Stiffness / Loss of Mobility
- Post Surgical Pain
 Our practice is based on the belief that our patients' needs are of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to helping you achieve overall balance through musculoskeletal therapy so you can function at optimal health, education to support you, and guidance or referrals when you need.